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National Day Calendar

Did you know today (December 17) is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? It’s also National Maple Syrup Day and National Underdog Day.

With only 366 days in the year, every day is a recognized day to celebrate or remember something serious or silly. Or many things, depending on the day. Check out the National Day Calendar website to see what’s special about today!

The Native Land Website

native land website

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! The Native Land website is a wonderful research tool, for anyone interested in Native American or Indigenous Tribes of the world:

Native Land Digital

This website lets you explore the globe (or enter an address) to find a wealth of information about Indigenous Peoples and their history. You can find tribe names, boundary information, treaty-related history and links to modern websites of many tribes.

Whether you’re researching your own family history or teaching a future generation, this website may hold a ton of valuable information for you!

Fall Foliage Prediction Maps

I love maps. Some mapping geniuses have created these interactive fall foliage prediction maps. Now you can know when and where the autumn colors will be at their finest:

Smoky’s Fall Foliage Prediction Map’s Fall Foliage Map

You might also find foliage maps specific to individual states at this link.

I hope these help with your travel plans this year and in the future. Happy Autumn, everybody!

fall foliage prediction map

Updated in 2023: I am sorry to say that the original website has gone down, and I can’t find any evidence of its return. Rumor has it that a Jeopardy contestant mentioned this site, and the ensuing web-traffic was more than the site creator could endure.

If is ever resurrected, I’ll update this post with news. For now, check out this similar site for name frequency data. will tell you the frequency of occurrence for any name in the USA. Type in a name and it will report how many people in the US have that first name. Or a particular last name. Or even a combination of both names. might just be a quick bit of entertainment. It boggles my mind to see that there are 85 other people in the states with my full name. But I can also see this being a useful tool for someone choosing a stage name or pseudonym.

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