I commonly refer clients to these companies, for specific tech needs that fall outside BlueScreen Computer’s scope. Please DO take this page as an endorsement for everyone listed below.

Data Recovery

Catastrophic failure is rare, but it can happen to any device. There may come a time where I or another technician looks at your device and then gives you the bad news: Your device is dead, and the data is not accessible. I don’t like delivering such prognoses, but sometimes it is necessary.

If you’ve received bad news about your device, and if its data is not backed-up elsewhere, please know you have one last chance, one last option to get your data back! You can send it to a data recovery lab, where experts can dissect the drive and harvest your data using amazing tools and proprietary software in a specialized, dust-free laboratory.

A data recovery company who I’ve had great results with is Gillware. If you ever need them, you can send your failed device to them, and they will give you a free, no-obligation estimate of what can be recovered and what is the cost. And they can handle a wide variety of tech, including hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, SD cards, smartphones & tablets, and more. They are able to help with devices that have been dropped, damaged, distressed and worse!

Now, if you’ve unearthed some ancient floppy disks or other archaic storage media, something that you can’t access because technology has left you in the lurch, then I have to recommend Retrofloppy.com . They can get into any old diskettes you might have!

Purchasing, Personal Computers

I really like to steer folks towards Costco, when it comes to buying brand-new computers. And I’ve blogged about it, too. If you need another computer, buying new at Costco is my first advice to you!

But many people ask me about buying used computers. If your budget doesn’t allow for buying new, you might inquire at Play It Again Games in Winchester, VA (see below under Hardware Repair.)

Hardware Repair

Computers can suffer from physical breakage, or need replacement components. As a remote support company, I have to pass that kind of work on to other talented people who maintain storefronts.

Play It Again Games in Winchester, VA is skilled and capable at all kinds of laptop and other computer repairs. Please contact them for such matters as: broken screens, failed power supplies, hard drive replacement or extraction and more. Check out their FB Page for more info.

If you have a broken Apple computer, you don’t necessarily have to travel to NoVA to reach an Apple store. Consider Experimax in Winchester as a Valley expert for Apple hardware issues.

If you have a breakage with your smartphone or tablet, I would encourage you to contact uBreakiFix. They are very skilled at delicate work (cracked screens, broken charge ports) and have a new location in Winchester, VA.

Website & Graphic Design

The Design Foundry created my current logo, and I can recommend Mr. Patrick Calder for a wide range of web- and print-related services.

If you need options closer to the Valley, consider contacting Mr. Beecher Bowers at Shenandoah Websites.

I can also suggest Mr. Hank Zimmerman of Shenandoah Valley Productions, for websites and videography.


In the Valley, I really appreciate the Blue Ridge Hospice organization’s e-Recycling program. You can take most any technology items, broken or functional, to their thrift stores and they will responsibly dispose of or refurbish them. Please consider them and read more about their efforts here.

Outside of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, I might suggest you use this site to find e-Recycling options near you.