Who is BlueScreen and can I trust you to work on my computers?

BlueScreen Computer Services, LLC is a one-man show, run by yours truly, Jesse Mueller. When you call or email, you will get me and no one else. I have no plans to take on employees, and I want to do 100% of the support, talk and writing that this company provides.

And I realize that my role only works when there is trust between the customer and I. Letting someone step into your computer it is a big decision. I typically do NOT ask people for their trust, but I will strive to give you the tools to judge for yourself.

Please feel free to check out my reviews on social media. Peruse my posts on Facebook and maybe even strike up a chat with any of the people commenting on my posts. Many of my contacts and customers will tell you about my manner and style of work. If you are going to find reasons to work with me, I’d rather you hear them from other people than from me!

If you need further reason to believe in BlueScreen, let me say that I have been in this support role for 21 years now. I have a clean criminal record and my background check shows only a few speeding tickets from 10+ years ago. I would gladly submit to any identity history checks upon request. And I will sign off on any privacy forms and contracts, as necessary to assuage employers.

“When can you come and fix my computer in my home?”

I think that era is over. March 13, 2020 was my final day of driving around the Shenandoah Valley to fix computers in everyone’s homes and offices. Since that time, I’ve taken myself “off the streets” and helped with everyone’s vexing tech from my home office. Remote support allows me to perform 90% of what I could do, pre-pandemic. And that other 10%? I am content to give that up, if it helps save just one life.

And while I know that the public health crisis is ever-changing and perhaps abating, reverting BlueScreen to the old way of business is not the best way forward. I’ve spent two years adapting, and I want to continue to support everyone who has adapted with me. And it may be that the new BlueScreen performs even better than the old.

These days, I don’t have to charge for travel time, nor do I have to uphold 1-hr minimum charges. That means customer invoices are usually lower and more affordable. I also no longer sell physical merchandise. I think that changes the credibility level of when I recommend a computer purchase. And I like that! I like that people feel better about my advice, knowing that I am not marking up the merchandise or biased by an extra profit margin.

I can’t predict the future. If major change comes our way again, I plan to adapt. But for now and the foreseeable future, please know that I will support you without visiting your home or office. Using remote software, I can access your computers and fix them while we talk. We can chat on the phone, or see each other over Zoom or Skype. I’ll do my best to make it low-stress and easy on you!

“Can you help me after I relocate? Can you help my friend in another state?”

Yes! That is another great aspect of remote support. I’ll help you wherever you go in the world. As long-time customers move away from the Valley, I can continue to support them just as I do now. Nowadays, I help folks all over Virginia, as well as from Florida, Arizona, New Hampshire and more. So if you need me, just call or email!

“What’s this blue icon in my taskbar? It says BlueScreen Support, and sometimes it gives me a pop-up about Waiting for a Connection?”

That’s probably the software I used to service your computer. I try to keep it quiet, but sometimes it still pops up with unnecessary messages, after the service is over. We can improve this in one of two ways:

  1. You may right-click my blue taskbar icon and Exit the program. This removes it completely, but we will have to reinstall that program before I service anything in the future.
  2. You may wait for a BlueScreen pop-up notification to appear, and click on its 3-dots button in its upper-right corner. On that menu, you will have an option to Turn Off All Notifications for my program. This will allow you to keep my program, without it notifying you unnecessarily.

Did you get my text?

No, I don’t text with customers and clients. Most texts are blocked or silenced on my phone by default. I have many reasons for this, but it gets tedious to explain. If you text, it will be a stroke of luck for me to notice, so instead: Please call or email or send a message through social media at any time! I will respond ASAP to all of those communications.