Welcome!  My name is Jesse Mueller and I founded BlueScreen Computer in 2002.  I offer remote tech support to anyone and everyone.  If your tech is vexing you, let me help!  

With your permission, I can access your computer from afar and resolve all your tech problems.  You may watch my work and discuss everything about your system as I service it.

For 18 years, I’ve repaired computers throughout several counties in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.  Then in 2020, I switched to remote support and now can serve anyone in the Valley or throughout the USA.  Please consider my prices and reach out to me via phone or email for more info.

Please also check out the BlueScreen Blog and Facebook page.  I post a lot of computer info and news in both places, as well as respond to questions from all my readers.  Or if you’d prefer, I offer a digest newsletter of those posts, emailed out monthly.  You can sign up here for that!