Costco is such a nice company. If you’re a member, you’re probably already familiar with how generous their return policy is. And the Costco 100% Satisfaction Guarantee covers much of what they sell. You can bring back almost anything (exceptions listed here) for a refund. They will satisfy almost any reasonable request.

When it comes to big-ticket items, like computers and TVs, you do have to get special permission before returning the item. But I was surprised recently to learn that printers sold at Costco are covered by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So nota bene: if your printer fails you or disappoints you, even after many years of service and expiration of warranty, you may still return it to Costco for your money back! Just carry it in to their Returns counter and ask them to make it right.

This policy likely applies to other technology items (routers, cameras, external hard drives) sold through Costco. So keep good records on everything you buy from Costco, and ask them about a return anytime a technology item fails you. Most of the time, Costco is going to serve you well and save you money!