Updated in 2023: I am sorry to say that the original website has gone down, and I can’t find any evidence of its return. Rumor has it that a Jeopardy contestant mentioned this site, and the ensuing web-traffic was more than the site creator could endure.

If is ever resurrected, I’ll update this post with news. For now, check out this similar site for name frequency data. will tell you the frequency of occurrence for any name in the USA. Type in a name and it will report how many people in the US have that first name. Or a particular last name. Or even a combination of both names. might just be a quick bit of entertainment. It boggles my mind to see that there are 85 other people in the states with my full name. But I can also see this being a useful tool for someone choosing a stage name or pseudonym.


  1. Marshall Devine II

    Bummer. My name is Marshall Devine II. My father passed recently, and prior to that there were seven people living in America sharing my name. I was curious to see if that number had dropped by one since my father’s death.

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