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This website helps you find places that don’t charge to use their automobile air pump. gives you a map of locations near you (or a specific address or zip code) where you can fill your tires for free.

This site is powered by user-submitted info. If you know of a store offering free use of an air pump, and it isn’t shown on the FreeAirPump map, make sure to send it in!

The Native Land Website

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! I’ve got another glorious mapping website for you, for anyone interested in Native American or Indigenous Tribes of the world:

Native Land Digital

This website lets you explore the globe (or enter an address) to find a wealth of information about Indigenous Peoples and their history. You can find tribe names, boundary information, treaty-related history and links to modern websites of many tribes.

Whether you’re researching your own family history or teaching a future generation, this website may hold a ton of valuable information for you!

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