time zone converter tools

Need to figure out what time it is in a different part of the world? Don’t strain your brain; use one of these time zone converter tools at the following websites:

Time and Date


Dateful Time Zone Converter

World Time Buddy


I find myself using these more and more, as I schedule with clients across the country and the ocean. I’d be mortified if I called someone at the wrong time, due to time zone ignorance!

Some of these sites are extra-nice, because they allow you to create a login and save your setup info. If you are frequently scheduling meetings with people in specific time zones, maybe this will help streamline your efforts.

PS: it is possible to do this sort of thing in the World Time section of the Clock app of your Windows or Mac computer. But check them all out and you may find that one works better for you. Each of these time zone converter tools has a certain look and customization level. Bookmark or shortcut your favorite for easy reuse!