The Thank-You-for-Your-Purchase Scam

A common scam starts with an email, stating you made a purchase, when you truly didn’t. Here’s a recent example:

$500 for “Microsoft Windows Defender Firewall Online”? Many people will miss that that doesn’t make much sense, nor does the From: address. The panic from an unwanted $500 credit card charge often causes people to jump for the phone, but please don’t call or respond to this message! Remain calm and recognize this for the ploy that it is.

The bad guys want you to pick up the phone and dial that shady number. They want you to ask for a refund, because once you ask for anything, they’ll try to manipulate and feed you more false info. Even if a caller wises up and refuses to fork over a credit card number, they’ll still have his phone number, and that leads to more scam calls down the road.

It’s best to disregard this email, if you get it. Just delete it. If you need further peace of mind, simply call your credit card company and talk to them about it. Review your statements and you’ll see that this charge never happened.

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  1. Martha Heisel

    It’s amazing how many people fall for this kind of scam. Just the name is questionable – “Harmelink”??? The grammar is terrible, which is a big red flag. Jessse – your “scam antennae” are always working. Thanks so much!

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