Xfinity’s 2023 Data Breach

xfinity's 2023 data breach

Has Xfinity contacted you recently to change your password? This was probably a legitimate request, and prompted by Xfinity’s 2023 data breach.

(I’ll call it the 2023 data breach, because they also had one in 2022!)

It looks like cybercriminals exploited and intruded upon Xfinity’s systems in October of this year, and we’re just now hearing about it. Xfinity has put out a generic statement about the matter. But government websites provide more important details, such as: 35 million customer records are involved. What kind of data was stolen? It could include usernames, passwords, last-four digits of SSNs, DOBs and security questions/answers.

If you are an Xfinity customer, it’s not important whether or not they notified you. Change your Xfinity password now. And if you are willing, consider using additional 2FA protection on your Xfinity account. Update your account security questions. And anything else that Xfinity reps suggest to you (if you call them).

If you want to call in about Xfinity’s 2023 data breach, start with this dedicated number: 888-799-2560. But that number may be swamped, and sometimes rings busy. If you cannot get that phoneline to work, try any other support number you may find on your Xfinity billing.


Even though Xfinity customers are quickly securing their accounts, this data breach will likely result in other hazards, down the road. Cybercriminals will study the stolen customer records to see how to use them creatively.

If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll see an uptick in bogus Xfinity phone calls, where scammers promise big discounts or collect money for receiver updates. They can repurpose the data from this breach, to make them sound more legitimate to their victims!

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  1. Steve Larrabee

    All your warnings and tips are very helpful, Jesse. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and a better New Year

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