Thank Your Amazon Driver

thank your amazon driver

Would you like to thank your Amazon driver for what they do? Amazon has started up their driver tipping program, much like last year. Everytime someone sends a thank you to their last delivery person, Amazon will pay them an extra $5.

They make it easy to do. You can:

  • Visit this website
  • Type “thank my driver” into the search field of Amazon’s website or app
  • Speak to your Alexa device, “Alexa, thank my driver!”

It looks like these gratuities will be doled out for the next 2,000,000 thank yous.


  1. Stacey Jordan

    Thank you to my Amazon driver!! He is amazing, hides my packages as best he can and if I am outside he always has a smile.

  2. Barbara Billings

    Excellent delivery by those drivers that show up at my house with a package.

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