Xfinity Scam – “50% Discount”

There’s a scam going around right now, promising a 50% discount on your Comcast/Xfinity bill. You might see this scam in your email, Facebook feed or even get a phone call! In any case, please know that it is not a legitimate offer.

It is too good to be true. Anyone duped into calling the offered number will reach a scammer, not an Xfinity rep. And the crook will press you to pay some advance money to qualify for the fictional discount. Once you send them any kind of payment, they’ll disappear.

Xfinity doesn’t offer any deep discounts like this, but you are always welcome to reach out to them to verify other offers you might hear about. You can report this scam to them when you receive it, if you like, but rest assured they already know all about it.


This scam is no longer just affecting Xfinity customers, but also subscribers of Dish, DirecTV and other big TV companies.


  1. Stuart Fealk

    I got that call today. Almost fell for it until he asked for 2 years payment. I told him it was sounding like a scam and he started arguing, which confirmed my suspicions.

    • Jesse Mueller

      Whew, glad to hear you dodged it. Congrats!

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