norton power eraser

Norton Power Eraser is another one-time scan tool for Windows computers. Similar to AdwCleaner, it will scour your PC for malware and other baddies and offer to remove them. If you are concerned that something got past your full-time antivirus, this is another good tool to run.

NPE is a little different from ADWCleaner, though. While it won’t clean up shovelware or junk items, it will more explicitly target rootkits and well-disguised infections. To do this, it will insist on rebooting your computer before its system-scan. This is so NPE can inspect everything on your computer as it loads into memory.

When the scan is finished, inspect the results. Norton Power Eraser sometimes targets legacy (very old) programs for removal. If there’s anything listed that you know is trustworthy, you may uncheck it and save it from removal. Everything else can go!