Last year, Logitech came out with these fab new universal remotes with Alexa built-in! But things didn’t go so well, and Logitech has decide to retire these remotes. Because these things are reliant on their links to the internet, apps & Amazon, they will stop working when Logitech shuts down their associated connections. If you have one of these remotes, it will be “bricked” on 9/30/2020.

These things were not cheap, so Logitech is doing the right thing: You can go to Logitech and get a Harmony Elite remote as a replacement, or you may ask for a refund of your original purchase price. The details for doing that are here:

All other Logitech remotes are unaffected by this event. Unless your remote looks like the one below, your Logitech remote control devices should keep working as normal.