I’d like to mention a couple of my favorite “daily deal” websites, Woot.com and Meh.com .

Woot.com started some 16 years ago as a site that sold just one item, each day. That item changed everyday — today it could be a vacuum, tomorrow it could be gourmet coffee from Guatemala. Whatever it was, it was offered at a truly low and incredible price.

But in 2014; Amazon bought Woot, and the site branched out, offering a greater number of daily discounts, as well as other bargains and flash sales. It still offers many good deals, but Amazon did manage to kill off a lot of the site’s quirk and charm.

Following the acquisition, the former owner of Woot.com bided his time and later launched a new site. Meh.com became his new project, and it is a revival of the original Woot. Only one item a day, at a crazy unbeatable price, take it or leave it.

I think both sites have merit and are worth visiting each day, just to see what’s offered.