An email client is a program that is used to view your email on your computer. There are many email clients, like the Windows 10 Mail app, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook. But the one that many just can’t give up is Windows Live Mail.

Microsoft made that program as a successor to Outlook Express and Windows Mail, and it was fantastic for its era. But it stopped getting updates in 2012 and was officially shuttered in 2017. Microsoft has removed it from its free downloads. If you go looking for it, they will steer you hard to use Mail in Windows 10.

These days, more and more people don’t need an email client, as web-based email is easy enough to use. And Windows Live Mail is a bit dated and may refuse to work with some modern email addresses (like Hotmail and Gmail). But if you insist, you can still install and use Windows Live Mail. WLM is available in this download at CNET:…/3000-20418_4-10805747.html

And just in case they ever take that down, I’ve got an archival copy of the installer in my Google Drive, here: