The Google Referrer Header Settlement

The latest class action lawsuit to ding the finances of Big Tech is going to cost Google $23 million. The Google Referrer Header Settlement is upon us, and you may be able to get $7.70 out of it.

The suit claims that Google violated users’ privacy as they used Google’s search engine. Google may have revealed (without your explicit permission) the text of your search queries with the owners of the websites that you clicked in their search results. (Sorry for the word salad; it doesn’t get much simpler than that.) In any case, Google admits no wrongdoing. They’re settling and paying out this money to get things resolved.

Are you eligible for your share of the Google Referrer Header Settlement? The answer is Yes if you used Google Search and clicked on a result between 10/26/2006 and 10/30/2013. If you’re reading this, I bet you qualify.

The Claim Process

To start the claim process, go to this site and fill it out with your information and click the Submit button at the bottom. Check your email, and you should have a new message with a Class Member ID in it. Highlight and copy that code.

Next, visit this site and paste the ID into the first field. Login and fill out the information, choose a Payment Option, and “sign” at the bottom. All done!