Think Twice About T-Mobile Home Internet

A year and a half ago, I recommended T-Mobile Home Internet Service to everyone. Regrettably, I have to rescind that recommendation. Think twice before signing up with this outfit.

TMHIS is turning out to be unreliable. Subscribers are enjoying great internet with T-MO, until their modem just stops, with an unhelpful error: “All PDN IP Connection Failure.” I’m hearing about this from folks local to me, and people further abroad.

Toms’ Hardware is a solid tech news site that has been reporting on this in detail. I recommend you check out this article and its follow-up on TMHIS troubles. But in short, it appears that T-Mobile is unable to fix these problems, unwilling to admit to it, and lying to its customers just to get them off the phone. They are not helping their affected customers; they are just hanging them out to dry.

While this is nothing new in corporate America (I once worked for a large healthcare company that engaged in these same practices), it hurts me to think that I’ve guided some of you to use TMHIS. For this, I can only apologize. I regret if T-MO has let you down. If you need recommendations for another ISP to switch to, reach out and I’ll do what I can.


  1. Diane Elliott

    T-mobile is just as bad for their phone services. Unfortunately Sprint sold out to them and I was forced to T-mobile. It’s been a headache since January. The worst is when I try to make a call and I get a notice “Not connected to a network… I know we live in a rural area but I never had problems with Sprint. Oh well thanks for letting me vent.

    • Jesse Mueller

      I have heard SO MANY complaints about T-MO service in your region. I’m reading that there are major problems with T-MO cellular service, as well as their Home Internet Service, in certain zip codes like yours. And I do think it is specific to your region, as my business cellphone is powered by T-Mo towers, yet I have no major issues (I’m 40 miles north of you).

      I’m sorry that I have no magic fix foryour troubles, but I can emphasize: Make sure your phone is connected to your home WiFi and that your phone’s WiFi calling is enabled. Even though your home internet is modest, linking your phone to it may help make up for the cellular deficiencies. Call me sometime if this is worth further discussion!

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