When first turning on a new PC, you’ll field a few basic questions before meeting the demand that you sign in with a Microsoft account. And while there are some benefits to doing so, not everyone wants to or needs to do that. Some people just want to keep their email and other info to themselves.

But it’s difficult. Windows 11 is very forceful about getting everyone to use a Microsoft account. If you are sitting at a Sign In screen on your new PC and see no way around it, here’s an easy way to bypass this:

In the field asking for an email, phone or Skype, type in

Click Next and the next screen will ask for password entry. Type anything you want (it doesn’t matter) in the field and click the Sign In button.

You will get an error because the sign-in attempt failed. And on the next screen, you’ll be asked “Who’s going to use this device?” Simply type in any name you wish, and you won’t be asked again for a Microsoft account!

After entering your name, you will be asked to supply a password. This can be anything you want, or you can even leave it blank (if you don’t want a password on your computer).


  1. david

    This, as of today when I tried it, causes a BSOD of death, time for a new work around. =(

    • Jesse Mueller

      Sorry to hear that, but I’ve also used it today on a few new computers, and it worked as well as it always has for me. Perhaps there’s something amiss with your computer?

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