Amazon Prime Plans

amazon prime plans

Amazon offers its standard Prime membership plan for $14.99/mo or $139/yr. Besides offering free shipping on most purchases, it also includes video streaming, free music and more — you can explore all the benefits at this page. But did you know there are other Amazon Prime Plans?

Prime Student

If you’re a college student, consider Amazon Prime Student for $7.49/mo or $69/yr. The benefits are pared down, but still considerable. Amazon will verify your enrollment before allowing you to purchase this!

Prime Access

Amazon Prime is also available for $6.99/mo if you have an EBT card or Medicaid card. They call this offering Prime Access; check out this page to see if you qualify. Prime Access offers the same exact benefits as a standard Prime membership.

Prime Business

I’ve also noticed that Amazon offers a Prime product for business accounts. Check out their Business Prime page for details and price ranges.

Prime Shipping Only

There exists a flavor of Prime that only gets you a shipping benefit. Prime Shipping Only lacks the streaming options of standard Prime, but offers the same shopping perks. Curiously, it’s priced the same as your regular Prime program, so I imagine Prime Shipping Only is the least popular of the Amazon Prime plans. But if you have a special need for this plan, reach out to Amazon Support and they will help you switch.

Note: this is an older post, recently updated for 2024!


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