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There are so many antivirus solutions out there for Windows Computers. I can’t possibly name them all, but I’ll try to touch on the ones I know and love. And I swear by free protection, so you should expect that everything I mention here has a $0 pricetag.

Microsoft Windows Defender: this app is built-in to Windows 10, and ready to go, once you uninstall all other antivirus programs. You’ll find it behind the white shield icon in your taskbar. Windows Defender is now as highly rated as all the other antivirus programs out there. It’s also available on Windows 8 PCs.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus: I recommend this if you want something more than Windows Defender or just prefer Bitdefender products. If you load this program, Windows Defender will step down and not interfere with it.

Microsoft Security Essentials: If you’re still on Windows 7, and your computer is slow or under-powered, you may need something a little lighter on the system. MSE is appropriate for these PCs, as it requires very little horsepower to run.…

Avast Antivirus Free: If somehow you still have a Windows Vista computer up and running, there are very few antiviruses that you can turn to. Not many modern programs are willing to install on Vista! But Avast has a freebie that’ll take care of you:

Remember: only one antivirus on a system at a time. Remove your old antivirus before installing a new one, or you will wind up with slowness and system conflicts.

And if you’re happy with your current antivirus, but just want a second opinion, you can use a variety of online virus scan tools. They may try to upsell you a bit, but they can generally be used to check your system for bad files and remove them, for free! Consider:

Panda Cloud Cleaner:…/ho…/solutions/cloud-cleaner/

ESET’s Free Online Scanner:

Trend Micro’s HouseCall:…/forHome/products/housecall.html


  1. Shirley Raynor

    I sure have been using my new computer. I got it at just the right time.
    So far I have had no problems.
    Thanks again

  2. Steve Larrabee

    Great info — Thanks for the newsletters. best, steve

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