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Class Action Lawsuits & Settlements

class action lawsuits & settlements

Class action lawsuits & settlements are very common and there are new cases announced almost everyday. I try to blog about the big-tech-related settlements, since they’re relevant to my field. But there are so many more out there, for those that are curious or interested.

There are websites dedicated to compiling, detailing and sharing information on these big lawsuits and their payouts. Consider using these sites: offers a wealth of info, news and a searchable database of all current class action lawsuits.

Top Class Actions also shows current case and settlements, but may be a little easier to scan and learn about deadlines for filing. But there are more ads on this site, so you may want to take an ad-blocker with you.

Open Class Actions is good for scanning all the big settlements out there, and shows the potential paybacks, up front. But again, make sure to sidestep the ads.

These are the tools I use to spot and learn about class action lawsuits & settlements. And while it is nice to get some compensation from these corporations, it’s also about holding them accountable for their actions. Please know that if settlement funds are not claimed, those monies can revert to the defendants! So don’t hold back. Sign up honestly for pertinent settlements, and get your share of the offered compensation.



If you encounter child pornography on a computer or on the internet, please report it to the CyberTipline immediately.

Do not attempt to copy, download or email any offensive content. That can get you in trouble and could contribute to the spread of the illegal material. The best website for reporting CSAM is the CyberTipline at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

CyberTipline’s report form allows you to paste in URLs to potentially illegal websites, without incriminating yourself. You can also call 1-800-THE-LOST, if you need to speak with someone as you submit your report.

In addition: Contact your local or state police. They are a great resource and can guide you in taking the next appropriate steps.

If you are outside the USA, then there may be a different way of reporting child sexual abuse material (CSAM). You can use INHOPE to find the best agency to contact, when you are abroad.

Please, if you see something that might be child pornography, please speak up and report it. Don’t let doubt hold you back. Trust that the agency handling your report will investigate and respond appropriately. I thank you.

Dark Patterns: Auto-Renewal Traps

ABCMouse was recently punished by the FTC, to the tune of $10 million. They were fined for a variety of deceptive practices, including recurring charges to customer credit cards for membership renewals that were either not disclosed or difficult to terminate.

Auto-renewal traps are nothing new. ABCMouse is certainly a big name, but many other companies do business this way. They store your payment info and charge you periodically, even after you’ve stopped using the product. They sign you up for automatic payments, and create a confusing or complicated process for defeating that feature.

These dark patterns are widespread on the web, and I encounter them most commonly with antivirus companies and other software services. But to focus solely on auto-renewal traps, here’s what I can recommend:

  • Review your credit card statements every month, to catch unexpected charges.
  • Track down and disable any renewal options you don’t want, by logging in to your account at the relevant company website. Don’t remember your account password? Use the Forgot Password tool at that website to get logged in.
  • If using the website proves difficult, instead chat or call the company and ask for auto-renewal to be turned off. Expect that they will try to dissuade you. Repeat your request as often as you need to, don’t let them sidetrack you, but also don’t mistreat the agent. They are programmed to act in their way, and you should persist as you would against a stubborn computer.
  • When all else fails, or if you simply run short on patience or time, disconnect and then call your credit card company. Explain that you tried and failed to work with the company. Ask to dispute the renewal charge and they should promptly help you get your money back.

And if you feel any company is breaking the law or hurting people with their tactics, report it to the FTC.

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