Modern browsers usually let you add in extensions, to add abilities to the basic program. And the first and best extension I can recommend you get is an ad-blocker.

There are many ad-blocking extensions out there, but things work best if you install only one at a time. AdBlockPlus is freely available for almost every computer-based browser and for limited use on smartphones:

After you install AdBlockPlus, it’s important that you click the Settings link. In its Settings page, clear the checkbox for “Allow Acceptable Ads”, and also check the boxes for Blocking Additional Tracking.

This should suppress most ads on all the pages you visit. This will make your web-surfing more pleasant, but it also protects you, as some ads are actually malware-lures in disguise!


  1. Dianne E Maggard

    Thanx for your newsletters Jesse. And thanx for keeping all of us so well informed. You are awesome!

  2. Shirley L Birkhimer

    You gave me this site many years ago and it has saved me the frustration of looking at a zillion ads every day! Thank you.

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