Sometimes, you see a post on Facebook that you want to track, want to see how the comments turn out. But you don’t have anything to add to the post, yet. Please know that there’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to follow a post on Facebook.

The Wrong Way is to put a comment on the post that says “Following”. Or submit a comment with a single period in it. Please don’t do that. When you comment on a Facebook post, it sends a notification to countless people, and they will react to the alert and open the post, only to see the useless comment. This can be an unnecessary distraction for people all over.

The Right Way is a hidden function, that Facebook made expressly for this! When you find a post that you want to keep tabs on, click the 3-dots button to its upper-right. Then click “Turn on notifications for this post.”

Follow a Post on Facebook

Now you’ll get a FB alert for any future comments on that post. And when you follow a Facebook post in this way, no one is alerted to you using it.