Consider and beware this data breach phishing email:

data breach phishing email
Not actually from Google or anyone trustworthy…

The sender’s address and bad grammar should give it away. But it is still pretty convincing, and closely resembles other real Google email messages.

Do NOT call the number. You must NOT reply to the email. Do NOT click the links.

If you receive this data breach phishing email, mark this message as Spam, and then Delete it.

I’ll admit, though: I called the number (from an anonymous line). I added a comical 30 years to my voice and fumbled through a call with a scammer.

He pretended to be with Google, and researched my email address (which I made up on the spot). And he insisted that a hacker was targeting my computer and calling my ISP wouldn’t do any good. He tried to convince me that my IP address was compromised, and because IP addresses were unchangeable and assigned for a lifetime, I had to do the needful and let him fix the issue.

Switching back to my regular voice, I called him on his nonsense and he said some bad words and I moved on. Sigh. It’s just another Monday.