Refund & Recovery scams are carried out by the worst of the worst. These guys prey on people who have already been scammed. Their claim is that they’ll help you recover what was stolen from you. But they’re just going to steal more money out of your pockets.

Scammers maintain lists of their potential and actual victims. And they will sell their most lucrative “sucker lists” to other scam companies. These companies are all too eager to phone up recent scam victims. They’ll pose as recovery agents, and tell stories of how skilled they are at chasing down the original scammers.

But their skills don’t exist. Even if they have a slick-looking website (broker complaint alert dot com, for example) and impressive company name, don’t believe in them! Recovery scammers are just looking to charge you more money, and then they’ll disappear, leaving you poorer and more disappointed than ever.

After any scam, don’t trust anyone except your bank, the police and the government, with regards to any reversal or recovery of funds. If they tell you that you’ve lost that money, please accept that news and move on.


Some recovery scammers advertise. They post and comment on social media, trying to lure in people who need help regaining access to a lost Facebook account or Paypal login.

refund & recovery scams
please do not contact this scammer!

But it’s all the same scam. Don’t fall for it. They’ll just ask for gift cards, steal your money and run. If you truly need help recovering a locked or stolen account, go to that site’s support section and see what official recovery methods they offer. For example:

Facebook Recovery

Google Recovery

Paypal Customer Service

Here’s What This Scam Might Look Like

Using a throwaway number and email account, I chatted with this scammer. Don’t try this at home! You don’t want these guys to get any of your contact info.