A few months ago, Google rolled out a new look for their Gmail website. It’s very pretty and everyone should have it by now.

Except, that didn’t happen, some people missed out. If you didn’t get this option, it’s probably because Google’s Chat feature was turned off. That causes this update to hide and never offer itself to you. Here’s how to turn that on:

  1. Go to Gmail.com in your computer’s browser.
  2. Click the cogwheel icon and click See All Settings.
  3. Click Chat and Meet, click the bubble next to Google Chat, and click Save.

This should cause Gmail to refresh and reload. Now, when you click that same cogwheel, you’ll now see an option to “Try out the new Gmail view”. Give it a whirl, and if you need to switch back to the classic mode, just return the to cogwheel for that option.