For any computer running Microsoft Windows, you’ll notice that the keyboard features a Windows (Logo) key. You’ll find it to the lower-left, between Ctrl and Alt.

windows logo keyboard shortcuts

That Windows key actually has many hidden uses, some of which you may love! Check out these various keyboard shortcuts that use it:

  • Windows Key: Opens the Start menu or Start panel.
  • Win + A: Opens Quick Settings.
  • Win + B: Focuses on the Hidden Icons on the Taskbar.
  • Win + C: Opens Microsoft Teams (Chat).
  • Win + D: Displays/Hides the Desktop.
  • Win + E: Opens File Explorer.
  • Win + F: Opens the Feedback Hub and inserts a screenshot for you to submit.
  • Win + G: Opens the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Win + H: Launches Voice Typing.
  • Win + I: Opens the Settings panel.
  • Win + J: Sets focus to a Windows tip when one is available.
  • Win + K: Opens the Cast window, to send your screen to another display.
  • Win + L: Locks your PC, also allows you to switch accounts.
  • Win + M: Minimizes all Windows.
  • Win + N: Shows Notifications & Calendar.
  • Win + O: Locks the device’s screen orientation.
  • Win + P: Opens the Project options window (for multiple screens).
  • Win + Q: Opens the Search tool.
  • Win + R: Opens a Run window.
  • Win + S: Opens the Search tool.
  • Win + T: Cycles through apps on the taskbar.
  • Win + U: Opens the Accessibility panel.
  • Win + V: Opens the Clipboard history.
  • Win + W: Shows the Widgets.
  • Win + X: Open the Quick Link menu (same as right-clicking the Start button).
  • Win + Y: Switches to Windows Mixed Reality (VR devices).
  • Win + Z: Opens the Snap layouts.
  • Win + ; or Win + .: Opens the Emoji picker!

Please experiment with these to discover which ones are the most useful for you. Some of these shortcut combos may change your computing life!