Windows 11 Is Here

If you’re eager to try out the new Windows 11, here are some useful links:

Check Your Computer’s Eligibility

Not all computers can get Windows 11. Use this Microsoft tool to check if your computer is eligible to receive Windows 11.

Download Your Upgrade

To put Windows 11 onto your computer, you could check the Windows Update panel under Settings. But that might not immediately offer the upgrade. Microsoft may stagger this rollout over weeks and months, so to get Windows 11 immediately, visit this page. Click the first Download Now button on that page to get started.

If you want to create a Windows 11 Installation Flash Drive, plug in your flash drive (8GB or larger) to your computer and use the second Download Now button on that page. Having such a flash drive is really useful if you plan to carry the installer to another computer, to put Windows 11 on it. And I like having these flash drives handy for advanced Windows repairs…

One recommendation: Don’t use a flash drive to install Windows 11 on a computer that is not eligible for Windows 11, per the above software tool. You probably could succeed at it, but we don’t yet know all of the side effects or problems that might result.

Not interested in Windows 11?

Please don’t feel like you need to perform this upgrade. Windows 11 is optional. Windows 10 will still work and be supported through 2025. You may remain with the Windows that you have. But please know that new computers are going to start coming with Windows 11 installed, and Windows 10 computers are going to become scarce in the coming months.


  1. Steve Larrabee

    Hi Jesse: Thanks for this post — in what way (briefly) is Windows 11 better than 10? Is it worth changing to it and do you recommend doing that?

    • Jesse Mueller

      Honestly, I don’t see a strong reason to upgrade at this time. Windows 11 is pretty, but that’s not a compelling reason in and of itself. If you’re content with Windows 10, don’t worry about upgrading for now.

      • Steve LARRABEE

        Makes good sense…….thanks!!!! shl

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