Update: Windows 11 is now adding this to your taskbar, on the far left, after recent upgrades. New info about that below!

Windows 10

As Windows 10 computers receive a particular Microsoft update, people are noticing something new on the taskbar. To the lower right, near your notification icons, now appears a weather symbol and temperature. This “News & Interests Widget” pops up all kinds of info, as you hover over it with your cursor.

If you don’t care for this new feature, you can easily turn it off:

Right-click on the temperature number on the taskbar, then hover over “News and interests”, then click Turn Off.

If you still want to try this widget, but want to quiet it down a little, you can go into the above “News and interests” menu, and turn off Open on Hover or “Reduce taskbar updates”.

Windows 11

In February 2022, this weather/news widget is showing up after a Microsoft update, but on the far left of the taskbar. That makes it a little less invasive, until you hover your cursor over it. Then it barges in and takes over a third of screen with news and other info! Turning this off is a different process on Win11:

Right-click a blank part of your Taskbar, and then click Taskbar Settings. Next to “Widgets”, move the slider to Off.