At least, not with some copy-and-paste wodge of text. So if you see this kind of post, don’t bother with it:

You Cannot Circumvent Facebook's Algorithms

It is not harmful to post this sort of thing. And you may truly see more posts from long-lost FB Friends afterwards. But that’s because Facebook shows you more of the people you interact with. It’s not a circumvention or hack. It’s just how Facebook behaves, for all posts on all feeds.

You’ll see the same churn in your FB feed after a post where you simply ask people to leave a comment. So don’t pass on this classic Facebook chain letter. If you want to hear from old friends, you can reach out to them without participating in someone’s superstitious hokum.

PS: the only thing I’ve seen that comes close to adjusting Facebook’s main algorithm is a browser extension called FB Purity.