If you have a Cricut device or are thinking of purchasing one, you should definitely be aware of this news:

Recently, Cricut made a change to their product, and it angered a large part of their user base. Cricut users learned that they would soon be subject to a 20-file per month limit, unless they opted to pay for a subscription. Currently, all Cricut users are allowed unlimited usage of their cutting plotters. The news that they might have to pay $100/yr or more to keep using their Cricuts was an unpleasant surprise.

But the community outcry was sufficient enough that Cricut has backpedaled a little. The Cricut CEO has recently made a statement, rolling back this change for current users of the Cricut machines. In short, Cricut now states:

  • If you have a Cricut account and Cricut device, you will be allowed unlimited uploads, going forward, with no requirement for a paid subscription.
  • If you create a Cricut account during the 2021 calendar year, that account will also be allowed unlimited uploads, just like existing free accounts.
  • Starting in 2022, all new “Free” Cricut accounts will be subject to the 20-file per month limit. Those users will have the option to become paid subscribers if they need unlimited file uploads.

That statement also quashed the rumor that Cricut machines cannot easily be resold. The truth is that you can sell your Cricut to anyone else, and the new owner will still be able to use it. That person will just have to create their own Cricut account for the machine, and they will be beholden to the Cricut rules, based on when they make the account (this year, or beyond).