From 2011 to 2019, Google tried to get in on the social media craze with their Google+ platform. It never caught on, and the nail in its coffin was when it was shown that users’ information was not safeguarded well. Anyone with a Google+ profile may have had their PII revealed to 3rd-party developers.

If you had a Gmail account at that time, you had a Google+ profile. It was created for you automatically by Google! Hence, Google must invite anyone with a Gmail address to enter as a claimant in this class action lawsuit.

The payout will be $12 or less, per email address, and you can consider the details here:

Use the small SUBMIT A CLAIM button to fill out your info, if you want your share of the settlement. If you have multiple Gmails, you are welcome to submit the form again and again, for some or all of your addresses.