Trade In & Recycle with Apple

Apple has really stepped up their technology recycling efforts. Check out their website for trade-ins and recycling:

First, Apple is willing to consider any of their devices for trade-in value towards your next Apple purchase. That means iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, etc. You can use the website to get an estimate or you can carry certain iDevices into an Apple store for your trade-in appraisal (read the FAQ or call your Apple store for the fine details). And if the item is of no value, they’ll still take it off your hands & recycle it for you, at no charge.

But they’ve expanded this program to include other devices. Got a Samsung or Google Pixel smartphone? You might be able to score some trade-in value towards a new iPhone.

And for other non-Apple technology, they will recycle it for you at no charge (zero trade-in value). Under “Other Devices” at their Trade In page, you’ll see the different categories of items they’ll accept: Windows computers, monitors, printers, and many more. If you can find it on the drop-down menus, they will send you a pre-paid mailing label for it. Just box up your tech and Apple takes care of the rest!