Stimulus Checks Coming Soon — Attention, Non-Filers!

The US government is soon to send stimulus checks to many of us. If you filed your taxes last year or receive SocSec benefits, it’ll come to you automatically. You can sit back and do nothing and your check will come to you. It’s the Non-Filers that need to step up.

According to the IRS, if your 2018/2019 income was low enough that you didn’t file taxes, then you might need to make sure you get your check. Go to this website:

Read the details, and if this applies to you, click the big blue button to get started. Note: If you’re a Non-Filer and you don’t do this, you may still get your check. But it might be greatly delayed (1-6 months?).

There is another similar offer to help with this out there, but it is from Intuit/Turbotax. I would not recommend you use that unless you already have a relationship with that company. Using the IRS link above is the most direct way of getting your check. The Intuit path will lead to a lot of marketing and ads and pressure to use Intuit services.


  1. Adam

    When will the government start issuing checks to non-filers?

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