2024 Facebook Outage

Update: Starting at around 12PM EST, many users are able to login and use Meta/Facebook products again. Here’s hoping the 2024 Facebook Outage is over. Whew, that wasn’t as bad as the 2021 Outage!

If you cannot access Facebook right now, it’s not you. It’s Facebook. Facebook is down, possibly for many people. I think this is big enough we’ll be referring to it as the 2024 Facebook Outage.

The outage began around 10AM EST on March 5, 2024. Users everywhere have been logged out of the Facebook website, the mobile app, Messenger and possibly more. Ah, now I see that Instagram is also down. I’m even having trouble loading the Meta Status page!

For now, it might be best if you sit tight, retry Facebook every now and then, and watch the news for more details as to when this outage has passed.

Outage websites, like DownDetector and DownForeveryoneOrJustMe, might show useful trends and comments about this outage. And a Wikipedia page for this event has already started to form.

So far, the only thing that Meta has said is “a technical issue” caused the difficulty. While more details would be appreciated, this might be the most explanation we’re going to get.

2024 facebook outage


  1. Sherry

    Thank you for the information on Facebook. I was affected and couldn’t understand what had happened. I assumed it must have been an outage but I sure am glad you blogged on it. I feel better about it now.

    • Jesse Mueller

      Glad you assumed it was an outage. Others assumed they’d been hacked, because the logout message was similar to when an account has been compromised and stolen. There was a lot of panic going around this morning!

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