It’s uncommon to see, but laptops can get swollen. If you ever think your laptop is swelling, then you need to address a problem with its battery, stat!

laptop swelling

Usually, the laptop’s battery is a boring little brick that stays in one shape. But a manufacturing defect, extreme age or abuse could cause acid leakage, inside the battery’s main casing. If this happens, the rupture is usually still contained, but that boring brick will change shape. It may start to resemble a wallet or a beanbag.

If this ever happens to you, you’ll start to notice that your laptop is warping. Perhaps the keyboard is arcing upwards, or the sides of the laptop are starting to gap. You may have trouble closing the lid because things just don’t fit anymore. And it could be that the distended tech feels warmer than usual.

Again: this is not common, but if you notice this, you do need to take prompt action. Ignoring a turgid laptop is a risk to your computer’s lifespan and your personal safety! Shut off the laptop and disconnect the power cord. Take your computer to a repair store, and they’ll know how to safely replace your battery.

Alternatively, if the laptop is no longer needed, you can take it to a computer recycler.