The Facebook Location Tracking Settlement

Here we go with another Meta-related settlement! The Facebook Location Tracking Settlement is your chance to sign up for a piece of the money that settles this latest lawsuit.

Once again, Facebook is in trouble for tracking its users when it shouldn’t have. For this case, Facebook stands accused of tracking people who had “Location Services” turned off on their phone or in the Facebook app. Purportedly, Meta continued tracking its users using other information (IP addresses, etc.). As in other settlements, Facebook is paying money to resolve things, admitting no fault or wrongdoing.

You can visit this website for all the information about the Facebook Location Tracking Settlement. Or you can use this link to fill out your claim straightaway.

But please know: Some people are reporting that they can’t submit their claim right now. After typing in all of their info, this vague message appears:

No, I didn't make any errors on the Claim Form.

If you receive this error, bookmark the claim website (or this blog post) and try again another day. They may still be working out the kinks, and you have until August 11, 2023 to get your claim submitted. Or you could print, fill out, and mail their paper claim form.