Will I Have to Pay for Facebook?

Will I Have to Pay for Facebook?

I get this question frequently: Will I Have to Pay for Facebook? No. Facebook is going to remain free for all to use. Facebook’s Help Center clearly states this. If you read somewhere that Facebook is going to begin charging everyone for access, that’s just an old hoax that gets passed around every few years. Don’t spread that nonsense, please!

But Meta is preparing to offer an optional paid service for Facebook and Instagram accounts, called Meta Verified. This new offering is purely optional. Starting at $12/month, this service is intended for famous people and content creators, and will offer them a special badge of authenticity and access to human tech support.

Meta Verified is not meant for regular people like you and me. It’s meant for celebrities and people who are more often targeted by criminals and impostors. Most of my readers can forgo this expense, and keep using Facebook as they always have. But if you do think you would pay for this service, feel free to visit the Meta Verified site and use the links at the top to add yourself to their waitlist.

I do see people grumping about this change, specifically where Meta Verified users get access to real live help at Facebook. Regular users get almost no assistance, if they ever lose access/control of their accounts. It may seem unfair that, to get proper support, you have to pay up to the Almighty Zuck.

But the harsh counterpoint to that is: If you use Facebook for free, you are not a customer. You are the product. Facebook makes most of its money from their true customers (advertisers), selling access to their resource, a vast, semi-captive audience. While this point of view doesn’t make it feel any better, it may help explain why Meta does so little for us regular Facebook users.


  1. Rochelle Dornatt

    I would never pay to have my account verified, but I would pay to eliminate ads on Facebook! I’ve counted as many as 3-4 in a row before I get to an actual post from a friend. Then, it’s only 1 post followed by another 3-4 ads! Facebook is becoming nearly useless as a social tool because it’s so clogged with advertising junk.

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