When it comes time to uninstall an antivirus program, you should remove it the same way that you would any other program. On a Windows 10 PC, you would probably go to Start -> Settings -> Apps, find the program in the list and click it to get the Uninstall button. But that doesn’t always work.

Antiviruses are more complicated and prone to problems than regular software. Sometimes those problems emerge as you try to uninstall, and the software will not leave your system. It happens frequently enough that the antivirus makers often create specific tools to help.

Below I will list out popular antiviruses and links to their specific removal tools. If you ever meet with failure during a normal uninstallation of an antivirus, maybe these will help you. And if I’ve missed a particular antivirus you need help with, drop me a line about it. I’ll research it and add anything I find to this list!

Norton software: use the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

McAfee software: use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool

AVG Antivirus: use the AVG Clear tool

Avast Antivirus: use avastclear

Kaspersky software: use the Kavremover tool

Bitdefender Paid/Trial software: look through these tools for an appropriate download

Bitdefender Free/older versions: try their earlier Bitdefender Uninstall Tool

Malwarebytes: use the Malwarebytes Support Tool

Trend Micro software: use their Uninstall Tool

Comodo software: use the Comodo Uninstall Tool