If you’re an Xfinity Internet customer, this is your heads-up for changes coming soon! Starting in 2021, your pricing will go up and your internet will have a monthly data cap.

Some Xfinity customers may already be held to the 1.2TB Data Cap, but next year, Xfinity is leveling that threshold against all of its customers. 1.2TB is a lot of data, but if you have any concerns that it won’t be enough for you, you should start by reviewing your past data usage. By looking at your monthly usage, you’ll really be able to tell if you’ll be unaffected by the new cap, or if you’ll have to buy the unlimited data option ($30/mo).

And as far as the price hikes go, I can only advise you to watch your bill and communicate with Comcast with any questions you have. Price increases may vary, depending on your location, packages and more. You can call 1-800-934-6489 or try chatting their agents on the Xfinity Support website with specific questions about your billing.