As Election Day approaches, there are a lot of differing opinions about what’s going to happen and what we need to do. But I’ve found that almost everyone can come together and agree on one thing:

Facebook can STOP reminding us to vote, already.

I’m not sure why, but the Zuckerbots are popping up too much on many phones and computers as you use Facebook. If you want Facebook to stop telling you to vote, you can turn that off!

On a computer, go to:

On the right, look for Voting reminders — you can turn that Off, and have a little less nagging in your life.

In the Facebook app on your mobile device, you would tap the hamburger button to the upper-right, scroll down to tap on See More, scroll down to tap on Town Hall. Tap Settings to find the same Voting Reminders option and turn it off.

This is only for Facebook’s non-partisan voting reminders. You may continue to see political ads or posts from people you’ve connected to.