When you want to dispose of a computer, you should recycle it. Your local landfill may come to mind for this task, but that’s often not the best idea. Besides the inconvenience of driving there, the landfill is likely to charge you recycling fees for some of your tech-junk.

But there’s good news: Virginia passed a law in 2008 that requires all big computer manufacturers to create computer recycling programs for their computers, that you can use for free. So if you’re looking to get rid of a computer, you just need to learn about the program associated with your computer’s brand name.

Dell has partnered with Goodwill, so that you can locate a Goodwill store to drop your computer off at.


HP has buddied up with Best Buy:


Apple offers trade-in or recycling at all of their stores.


Lenovo offers a mail-in program, where you request a pre-paid shipping label and send in your old technology to them:


And so on. If you’re looking for the recycling program for a different brand name, try googling for “brand-name computer recycle program” and you’ll probably find it right quick.

If you’re in another state, the laws may be different. Only 26 states mandate this kind of free computer recycling. This document might help you figure out the particulars for your state: