When we see a really good post on Facebook, we may want to track it and read all of the future comments. Maybe it’s a post about the best Italian food in the region, or a question about who is making and selling facemasks nearby. In any case: There’s a right way and a wrong way for turning on post notifications.

The right way is to look for the 3-dots button in the corner of the post. Click that button and then click “Turn On Notifications For This Post.” And you’re done! From now on, any comment made on that post will show up as a Facebook notification to you. And this is invisible to others, no one knows you’re watching.

Turning On Post Notifications

The wrong way is to make a comment on the post with “Following” or even just a period. Such a throwaway comment still achieves the desired result. But it also creates unnecessary Facebook noise. That comment will show up as a notification for everyone else involved with the post. Facebook will prod them with “John Doe just commented on Jane’s Post”, and people will likely visit the post to view the comment. It may only be a 3-second interruption, but imagine the waste of that, multiplied over a dozen or a hundred other Facebook users…

Facebook made this tool specifically to save our attention spans. Let’s do the right thing for everyone on Facebook and use it!