The Hole in your Monitor Stand

OK, I really have to let out a gripe, and it’s about the Doonesbury comics. Every weekend, I pick up my dead tree edition of the newspaper and work my way through it to get to the crossword and comics. And week after week, the Doonesbury strip keeps tweaking me. I can’t stand it. Mr. Trudeau, we need to talk about the hole in your monitor stand:

The hole on the iMac stand is for cable management. You run your power cord and all other cables through that hole.

Whew, that feels so good to get out there. Seeing him draw computers with cables going all over, in a manner I might describe as technologically-bohemian, has really been eating at me.

By the way, other all-in-one computers and many PC monitors also have this hole in the stand, for cable management. Many people never notice this hole, this chase, this cable management slot (the industry isn’t exactly sure what to call this feature). You should use it, if your device offers it. It just looks nicer. But it can also protect against strain on the ports that the cables connect to. And in a pinch, you can loop a security cable through it, too!

If anyone has a direct line to Mr. Garry Trudeau, please feel free to forward this to him.


  1. Bonnie Furlong

    Hi Jesse! I enjoyed this whole newsletter, ending with the hole in the monitor and had a hearty laugh. V. funny way to start my day.

    Thank you!

  2. Frank Sherrard

    Great service to the community and your customers, Jesse! Whenever you want to expand your company, let me know. I’d invest! 🙂

  3. Diane

    Thank you very much, Jesse!! Wow, can’t name the many ways you’ve been helpful to us!! Be Safe!

  4. Shirley L Birkhimer

    Jesse, you are the guy! Thanks for doing this interesting and informative newsletter.

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