When shopping online, most people rely on product reviews to determine whether to buy something. But some sellers seek to game the system and generate (numerous!) fake reviews on their product listings. Maybe they do this to offset negative reviews or to create false demand; regardless, it amounts to deception.

And it’s such a widespread problem that the big companies often can’t keep up! Since fake reviews are usually hard to spot, here’s a tool that can help:


Fakespot wants to give you their opinion about *all* the reviews for a given product. If an item has a lot of fake reviews or if they detect anything else suspicious going on with a product listing, Fakespot will tell you! All you need to do is copy a link to the product page and paste it into Fakespot’s website.

Fakespot currently works on website listings for: Amazon, BestBuy, Sephora, Steam, TripAdvisor, Yelp & Walmart. Others may be added in the future, too!

If you end up using this site a lot, they also offer a Chrome extension you can add and use for free, so your browser “spots fakes” automatically for you.

One last thing: It’s important to know that Fakespot is not reviewing the product itself. They only review the reviews!