Paid Service

Remote computer support is billed at $80 per hour with a ½-hour minimum charge.  Service past the first ½ hour is billed by the quarter-hour.

BlueScreen accepts payment from all credit/debit cards.  Transactions are processed through Paypal or Venmo.  Checks are also accepted through postal mail.

Free Advice & Info

Please feel free to call or email with quick questions or requests for advice.  I am happy to talk tech with you, tell you what I think about a particular problem, recommend the best stores to shop at, refer you towards the best prices on parts and systems.

I also welcome questions over at my Professional Facebook Page.  This is especially nice, because when I get to respond here, it’s all public!  Others can read and participate.  I love to share ideas and info in ways that benefit many people at once!


Really, I mean it, I am happy to advise and help, and if I can solve something in a minute for you, I do not need to charge!  But due to demand, I have created a page for leaving tips.  Thank you for your generosity.