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Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a new design app that you can use, for free, to create graphics, visual presentations and more. It’s comparable to Canva and other free design tools.

Right now, Microsoft Designer is in preview mode and you can only get in by invite. But I put my email on the waitlist and was allowed in after only a few days.

Microsoft is also baking in their AI technology, so that you can start a design with a sentence-prompt. MS Designer lets you start by typing “I want a birthday invitation for my daughter who loves ponies” or “Make me a poster that shares my guest wifi password” and MS Designer will churn out some starting points. And if you don’t care for all that AI stuff, just click Start from a Blank Canvas.

Free Graphic Design Tools

graphic design

If you’re looking to do a bit of design or layout yourself, you do not have to spend big bucks on subscription software. Adobe Indesign & Microsoft Publisher are not the only games in town. There are a lot of free graphic design tools for you to try. Check out these software and apps:

  • Canva, usable in your browser & available as a download for Windows, MacOS & mobile devices
  • Polotno Studio, usable in your browser
  • Adobe Express, usable in your browser, new expanded Beta released in 2023!
  • Lunacy, available as a download for Windows, MacOS & Linux
  • Microsoft Designer, coming soon in 2023, sign up for early access!

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