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Eclipse Protection for Your Camera

eclipse protection for your camera

I suspect by now everyone is prepared for the upcoming eclipse, and has viewing glasses in hand. Retinal damage from looking at the eclipse without protection is no joke. But did you know that you also need eclipse protection for your camera?

Experts say that if you plan on pointing a camera at the eclipse, you’ll want to use a solar filter to safeguard its sensors. Unfiltered eclipse photography could permanently damage your device!

If you’re a casual/amateur picture-taker, then an inexpensive camera filter may already be included with the pack of eclipse glasses you’ve bought from Amazon. But professionals can also pursue more serious equipment.

Scan QR Codes with Your Phone’s Camera

The title says it all, but I’ll go into more detail: When you see a QR code in public, use your cellphone’s camera. You can immediate scan QR codes with your phone’s camera to see what info lay inside!

If you open your camera and point it at a QR code, the camera software can “figure it out.” Watch for a clickable link on your screen (you do not need to actually take a picture). If you tap the link that appears, it will do whatever the QR code is programmed for (take you to a website, start an email, etc.).

Do NOT download and install any 3rd party app for QR code reading. Those apps are wholly unnecessary at this point, and can contain adware or worse.

And if you are creating your very own QR codes, make sure to test them out before sharing or printing them.

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