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Finding the Best Gas Prices

Here are various ways to use technology to find your best price on gasoline:

Dedicated Gas Search Tools

GasBuddy may be the best-known fuel-savings company, and boy howdy have they added lots of options and gimmicks to their site. You can skip all the hoopla, and just use their search tool or app, if you like.

Gas Guru is another search tool, only available as an app. The Yellow Pages is behind this tool and you can download the Android app here and the iOS app here.

GetUpside is a modified search app, that also grants you gas rebates (money back!) at select stations. So if you’re willing to go where GetUpside recommends to fill up, you can get some cash credited back to you.

GPS & Mapping Services

Mapquest is surprisingly convenient for eyeballing gas prices. Use it to view any map, and use the Gas button in the upper-left corner. Gas stations and gas prices will jump up off the page!

The Waze app (Android, iOS) is very quick to use to see local gas prices. Tap the Where To? field, and then tap Gas Stations. You now have a list of all the gas prices local to you.

Other Websites

Autoblog offers a no-nonsense gas price search tool.

Geico Insurance has a handy and uncluttered page for searching out gas prices.

If you have any other amazing ways to suss out the best fuel prices, please leave a comment or shoot me an email with your suggestions, thank you!

Locate Your Device

locate your device

If you lose your smartphone or tablet, don’t give up hope. That goes for stolen devices, too. You may be able to locate your device! Android and Apple devices offer tracking tools, built-in to their accounts and devices, and they are free for all to use.

The Tools

On a computer, open your browser and use the appropriate website for your type of phone:

Android (Google) phones:
(Apple) iPhones:

If you are using a different mobile device, download and/or open the appropriate app:

Google’s Find My Device app
Apple’s Find My app

The Details

With either type of locator tool, you’ll need to sign in to the account associated with the missing device. After that, you’ll see a wealth of options:

  • Locate your device(s) on a GPS-style map (or its last-known location before it was powered off).
  • Cause your device to make a loud sound. Your ringtone will play at full-volume, even if you have your phone set to Do Not Disturb!
  • Lock/erase your device.

Whether your phone has been stolen, left at the grocery or just hidden between the couch cushions, I hope you can appreciate these tools’ usefulness. Try them out now to get familiar with them. And bookmark the site you use, so you can quickly return to it when needed.

Oh, and if you find a phone and need to locate the owner, I’ve written up some tips about that on this post.

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